The Best Markets are Going, Going…

Keeping everyone happy and keeping fence lines from being crossed is becoming more and more difficult as we grow the FLOSS brand. Our programs are built to give the best dental candidates coming out of school a great opportunity to start up and grow a thriving practice built on the foundation of a great brand. Point is, the FLOSS mission is one that will cover a large area and exclusivity to control the brand’s image in an area will be first come, first served.

We know that when an entity is just getting started (although double digit Floss units exist today the goal is for thousands of units to exist within the next decade), it might feel a bit like chicken before the egg. Rest assured that our plans to grow the FLOSS brand at the scale we describe are deliberate, and that we have already spent years of sweat equity and learning the business on the front lines to ensure success. Will you let someone else slide in?

Flossy adj.

|’ flôsë, ‘fläsē|

1. drama-free and family-minded   2. NEW and fresh   3. always having fun, whether at work or at play   4. a curious culture that leads

How Many Markets Can You Control?

FLOSS has the goal of thousands of locations in operation within the next decade. To get to a number of operating units like that there will be many different investors that will make up ownership in the floss family. We have investors who want to have control of the brand’s image in a city or region. For those owners we offer an Area Development Agreement that gives them control of the area they prefer.

Those investors who own three or more upscale FLOSS locations save money on franchise fees and in other ways by choosing to own and operate more than one location. For companies who desire to own and operate franchises in an entire, we have a Master Franchise Agreement. In all of these scenarios a single investment gives a company exclusive rights to the FLOSS brand in the areas they want to control it.

Can You Reserve Ahead?

There is high interest in the FLOSS brand among dentists operating well-established practices, and shining stars building a strong initial educational foundation for their careers. After truly gaining an understanding of the FLOSS model and how it is set up to advance and prosper the practices of those who carry the name, for some it is just a timing thing. If you have decided that owning a FLOSS franchise is the right path for you but it isn’t right today, let’s talk.

We know that one critical pillar to building a quality brand will be to always ensure we choose the right partners to sell franchises to. With a dental brand it truly is the company we keep that will ensure that the best is delivered for patients. If you are interested in owning a FLOSS but can’t make a financial commitment at this time, let’s discuss a plan that works for you.

Current FLOSS Reach

To see the markets that FLOSS Dental is currently located in, and target markets that we have identified as perfect areas to develop and operate a new location, please visit our interactive map with all of the info.

Don’t Miss Your Only Window

If you like what you have learned about the FLOSS brand and believe that you are a fit to do your part to help create and forge the mission across the United States, don’t hesitate to let us know.

There will be plenty of opportunity for the FLOSS family to grow and have many more members. However, as the mission is adopted more and more nationwide, owning the FLOSS name will become more difficult to attain, or you will not be able to own it in the area you prefer to live and work.

Let’s work together to create your area.


Household names are empowered to do things that other brands never dream of. FLOSS is a deliberate, strategically planned effort to provide quality dental to more people than any single entity ever has before. FLOSS is a name the world will know. No matter when you get in, the value in your investment continues to grow.