Together We’re the Best in Dental

Every new FLOSS franchise development is looked at as a partnership from day one. We know early on if an investor is a fit. Our owner operators are either the sharpest doctors in the dental business today, or they have hired them to work for their FLOSS locations. Every owner wants the best for their practice and patients. We know that your expectations are high so we put together programs that complement your eye for quality and attention to detail.

When you invest in a FLOSS franchise we wanted to make sure that onboarding your time and talent into the family would meet your expectations for getting off to a great start. In addition to providing mentor contacts and having interaction with every member of your staff, we have put together a suite of tools including an operations manual and a short, but thorough and intense training program. We love working with our new and existing brand partners to further advance the FLOSS mission.

FLOSS Dental Model Superiority

As the dental industry continues to evolve, new variations on well-used business models are being utilized to grow investor-owned dental brands and dental groups. We have studied and monitored these emerging models and models being used to expand other sectors in healthcare such as privately-owned urgent care clinics. Over the last few years a small team of executives has hand-crafted, streamlined and perfected the FLOSS model.

By waiting a few years to expand the company on a wider scale, our executives went through a lot of trial and error while testing and perfecting what FLOSS provides. Along the way, they made changes to their processes until they felt the whole approach was ready to be duplicated on a grand scale. Proprietary training, support materials and systems were born out of this time. The knowledge has been organized so it is easily shared with every FLOSS owner, giving them a solid start out of the gate.

Organized Assistance from Day One

When the plan became to create a large network via the franchise business model, we knew it would be best to go through the process of bringing new franchisees on board several times so we could iron out rough spots before establishing any long-term processes. This allowed us to establish systems and processes for new owners to more easily and efficiently launch their FLOSS practices. All owners get assigned to a mentor at FLOSS.

When you become a new FLOSS owner you will be introduced to the brand via a one-week introduction and training program hosted at our corporate offices. We provide every new owner with an operations manual born out of trial and error we experienced launching several new FLOSS practices. In short, we made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. We organize and share the information that ensures your success. Our support email and toll-free service was set up so we are always available to help you even when we aren’t together.

Every Dental Business Aspect Covered

Thorough is one of the pillar personality traits of the FLOSS brand. We believe that it isn’t possible to know the dental industry inside and out without educating ourselves and continuing to do research. The professionals building the FLOSS brand decided that they wanted to provide A New Experience in Dental. Being always fresh and new as a brand requires us to remain committed to always keeping the entire FLOSS family informed of what’s new and next.

It isn’t in the best interests of the brand for us to allow a new partner to invest in FLOSS without us providing the proper assistance to our franchisees to get off to a great start. It starts with the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Discovery Day (if you choose to participate). We take you through the equivalent of a prospectus you would get with any stock purchase. When a franchise agreement is signed new owners get access to the FLOSS operations manual.

All Aboard to Brand Authority

This page is about perfecting the process of becoming a dental franchise owner. The FLOSS team was put together to create a dream team of people all with one mission—to build the strongest brand that the dental industry has ever known. There are so many industries where like-minded professionals came together to build something great, and much larger and powerful than they ever could on their own. Isn’t it the dental industry’s turn?

FLOSS Dental is a brand that has an image and aesthetic that attracts people, by design. The brand’s personality has taken a life of its own and those who are building the brand’s image like to be referred to as ‘FLOSSY’, which is the drama-free, ahead-of-the-pack attitude they bring to work every day. As every new location is added to the network, FLOSS’s authority and awareness grows. That’s an investment we can all get behind.

You’re Invited to Kick Our Tires

We understand that choosing a brand to put on your practice might come with a desire to get to know who you are partnering with first. Because of this, FLOSS created what we call a Discovery Day that we hold on Friday afternoons at our corporate office. It is like an open house, but during your visit we go through the Franchise Disclosure Document which gives a thorough description of what is involved with the partnership.

The Discovery Day allows you to get a vibe for what FLOSS, and the people who are creating and building it, is like. We encourage you to set aside a Friday to do this if you are considering an investment. We have not had a single investor come to this day that we do not work with or remain in contact with today. When associates and those considering converting their practice to a FLOSS leave, they leave considering not if, but when they will start their new FLOSS. We even reimburse any new franchisee $500 for travel expenses for discovery day when they choose to invest. We’d like to spend a Friday with you!

We’re Financing Mavens

When it comes to starting up new dental practices the investment required isn’t insignificant. Because of this, we have done a lot to ensure that we are able to help those who want to invest in a new FLOSS with putting together the financing to do so. We can help secure loans up to 100% of the startup cost for startups. For conversions we are able to help secure construction and equipment loans. Another we have been able to finance is through acquisition loans (when you buy a practice and convert it to a FLOSS).

We assist new investors in the packaging of the loan (we help with a business plan) and placing the loan with the right bank from a stable of viable lenders we are building relationships with. We help you based on your current financial wherewithal and no loan is too difficult. We offer assistance with conventional, non-conventional and SBA loans, giving you a wide variety of financing options. We leverage our experience to help you get the funding you need.


Household names are empowered to do things that other brands never dream of. FLOSS is a deliberate, strategically planned effort to provide quality dental to more people than any single entity ever has before. FLOSS is a name the world will know. No matter when you get in, the value in your investment continues to grow.