Make The FLOSS Image Yours Only

You have worked very hard to build the reputation and relationships that you’ve forged over the years and they are of great importance to you. In addition to consulting, training, buying power, ad design support (media placement comes from your ops budgets), and tech, FLOSS has a Service Model that is second to none. We love on our patients. It helps reduce their anxiety and in turn helps them to be more receptive to the treatment plan.

We find that dentists who come to us with great reputations wear the FLOSS image well. What if you had the opportunity to leverage a brand name that comes inherent with all of the qualities you desire? Without those qualities, so many dentists would not even consider putting the FLOSS name on their practice. Because all those leading the brand strive to be the best, the name is highly sought after. Will you be in control of the brand’s image in your area?

Flossy adj.

|’ flôsë, ‘fläsē|

1. drama-free and family-minded   2. NEW and fresh   3. always having fun, whether at work or at play   4. a curious culture that leads

Area Development Agreement Ace

Early on it surprised us that so many dentists and investors brought up the idea of owning more than one FLOSS location. When they saw the legs of the overall vision, that the larger network of franchises would give all of the individual locations unmatchable buying power and competitive advantage in the marketplace, they wanted to talk about how they could put larger borders on the area they would have exclusive control of.

FLOSS Dental created an Area Development Agreement (ADA) for the owners and dental groups that want to maintain control of the brand in a city or larger area. When an investor desires to own more than one location, they are eligible for a discount of the normal $50K franchise fee for a single FLOSS unit. With an ADA, discounts are offered for when the investment calls for three or more locations, and are tiered depending on the number of locations desired.

Why Multi-unit?

Although many of our FLOSS owners are dentists who simply desired to operate their practice offering a high-tech experience in an upscale environment while still turning a great profit, many are also entrepreneurs. We have dentists who wanted to expand their ability to expand their practice, but a single office location does have limits on the amount of revenue it can generate in a given year. Many are choosing to own more than one location.

One of the great benefits of operating your dental practice under the FLOSS banner is that the name implies a level of quality wherever it goes. This level of quality, and exactly what it looks like, varies from owner to owner. We find that owners want to have control of creating and maintaining their image in the cities they operate in. When you own every FLOSS in a city, you ensure you remain in control of the image where you operate.

Growth That’s Never Stunted

FLOSS Dental owners are a special breed. They have never been the type to accept the status quo and stagnant just isn’t a word in their vocabulary. We built a company and a model that would give people like this a grand scale catapult to build their dreams. Most dentists set out to help as many people as they can to go through life with a higher level of confidence with a great smile and self esteem.

We put no limits on, and actually enable, dental practice owners that want to help as many as they can. They are equipped to provide the best dental services available today utilizing the latest tech. The growing network of locations further demonstrating the brand’s quality, and the unique corporate franchise model built to ensure their practices keep getting better are a potent formula for success. Choose to grow with FLOSS at your ready.

Are You the Shoe-in?

As more and more investors and dental groups learn about the FLOSS model and brand, the conversations we are having with those entities are becoming more and more aggressive. The units we have operating today are living up to all of the promises that the brand has set out to back up, and the network is in its infancy compared with the master footprint FLOSS plans to cover over the next five years. Right now many great markets are still available.

If you have an interest in maintaining full control of the FLOSS brand image and experience in a specific market, don’t hesitate to contact us direct so that we can discuss if you are a fit. We want owner operators that have built the strongest business and community ties in the markets they desire to control. We owe it to all of the investors in the FLOSS brand to choose owners with deep roots they can leverage to grow the brand for the benefit of all. Are you a shoe-in?


Household names are empowered to do things that other brands never dream of. FLOSS is a deliberate, strategically planned effort to provide quality dental to more people than any single entity ever has before. FLOSS is a name the world will know. No matter when you get in, the value in your investment continues to grow.