Flossy adj.​

|’ flôsë, ‘fläsē|

1. drama-free and family-minded 2. NEW and fresh 3. always having fun, whether at work or at play 4. a curious culture that leads

The Desire for FLOSS Dental Franchises


The idea for creating FLOSS Dental™ franchises was born out of answering the call consumers were making for some time. With steady population growth across America’s most thriving cities and suburbs, more and more people have become frustrated with the level of care they receive from the options they have available to them for dental care. Depending on the provider model they are accustomed to, so many would describe the overall experience they have with their dental provider as being more inefficient or more impersonal than ever before, or both.

When talking about healthcare in any form, people expect a higher level of personal attention, familiarity with, and trust from those helping them. Also, with healthcare people feel entitled to a quality level of care, especially considering the financial investment that dental care costs them and their insurance. Nobody likes waiting for something they feel they pay too much for in the first place. Want to deliver the quality, individualized care at the pace people expect while maintaining a healthy margin? FLOSS makes it all possible.

Being FLOSSY is Profitable

It just doesn’t seem fair to expect the experience you would have at the dentist to be a fun one. The word ‘fun’ isn’t often associated with going to the dentist. FLOSS changes that mentality the second a new patient walks through our doors. At FLOSS we are a culture who leads and checks drama at the door. We are family-minded, but always focused on providing a fresh, new experience for every person we see every day. For many, going to the dentist is an anxiety inducing experience. Because of this, it’s in our DNA to create an environment where people want to be, whether they are working at FLOSS, or in the dental chair

Who said dental can’t be fun? FLOSS people are FLOSSY, meaning they have fun whether at work or at play. The staff at every FLOSS are hand chosen to deliver a new experience in dentistry. Technology continues to evolve, and along with that change the expectations they have for their dental care. Whether it be their hairstyle, cell phone model, or anything else, today’s consumer wants the latest available today, and they want it today. When your staff is delivering the most current experience available in the dental industry every day, they can’t help but have fun doing it. FLOSS patients look forward to the next time they will get to interact with the vibrant staff they come to know and love. Now THAT is real equity.


Retire the Waiting Room Mentality

Let’s face it, nobody wants to wait for anything any more. It seems so many people can’t even go from point A to point B without checking their email, texts or social media feeds. In a world that operates like this, there really is no choice but to adapt and work well within the way it all works. Dental services must be provided when consumers desire them. When a customer has to wait to receive any type of healthcare service, resentments can build very quickly. Individual dental practices have difficulty flexing and scaling when a spike in demand for a certain type of service occurs. Multi-unit practices should be more ready to handle growing demand for services, but without a true system designed to support individual units, multi-unit practices have often never fully leverage their clout.

FLOSS Dental is a system designed to provide the highest level of dental care utilizing the latest dental tech available most efficiently at scale. As the company grows its network of dental franchises the company will leverage the resources of the FLOSS brand to provide better services faster. It’s that simple. Being a large network of dental franchises, franchises are able to pool their resources and enjoy greater buying power. This means they all provide more and better services while enjoying bigger margins. With more ‘bottom line’ to play with, FLOSS franchise owners enjoy having the power to make more decisions that prioritize the patient.

Cultivate New Revenue Streams

FLOSS has positioned itself to be the most highly sought after model in the dental care franchise industry. Before setting out to build a large network of dental franchises all with the like-minded mission of creating and delivering the freshest experience in dental available today, the team built a suite of services that any dental practice would desire. Building out this suite of services by learning the methodologies, understanding the requirements and securing the technologies to deliver them, makes every FLOSS franchise owner the most informed and equipped.

Grow With Floss

Household names are empowered to do things that other brands never dream of. FLOSS is a deliberate, strategically planned effort to provide quality dental to more people than any single entity ever has before. No matter when you get in, the value in your investment continues to grow.