Floss: A Dental Franchise With Convenient Patient’s Services

Floss Dental Franchise
By FLOSS franchise

FLOSS Dental™ is a dental franchise known for providing our patients with the best and most convenient care they can get in a dental setting. But as a dental care franchise looking to give much-needed services to your patients, we offer more than just quality dental care; we treat every patient like family with our unconditional service model. We love our patients, which drives us to create A New Experience in Dentistry, so if you’re interested in investing in a dental franchise, FLOSS Dental™ is an excellent choice.
Why is that? FLOSS’s goal is to provide unconditional service in a dental spa-like environment; in addition to providing high-quality dental care at in-networking prices, we utilize the latest technology to focus solely on the care that our patients need. With these goals in mind, we can provide high-end dental care in the same way traditional dental offices would, but faster, more conveniently, and cost-effectively for patients.
In addition to general dental care, we provide cosmetic dentistry, implants, and Invisalign, among other services.
Providing these patient services at FLOSS Dental™ makes us a dental franchise with diversity and a loyal foundation of patients, expanding daily.
Here’s a look at some of those patient services.

Convenience in a Dental Franchise

FLOSS Dental™ franchises are open six days a week; for the convenience of our patients, we open early, close late, are available for emergencies, open on Saturdays, and always go the extra mile in making ourselves known.
At FLOSS™, we understand that our patients need convenient hours that don’t force them to take time away from work or parenting. The incredibly long wait times in a typical dental office will not only waste a patient’s time but can also prolong their dental issues.
Additionally, we accept most major PPO plans, and if we don’t get your specific coverage, we also offer affordable self-pay options!

Variety of Service

Among the types of care we offer are fillings, crowns and bridges, dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, laser gum treatment, teeth whitening, tooth bonding, velscope, veneers, wisdom teeth extraction, and much more. For a fully outlined and detailed look at the services, you, as a potential franchisee, can offer your patients, click here.
For more information on the impact, you can make by franchising with FLOSS Dental™, contact us today to speak with a representative and begin your journey toward joining the FLOSS™ family!