The Advantages Of Opening Multiple FLOSS Dental Franchises

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Once you’ve become comfortable with operating one FLOSS Dental™ franchise, and experienced some success, why not expand and open a few more? Owning multiple dental franchises is the best way to ensure profitability, by giving you multiple revenue streams. One of the many benefits of becoming a FLOSS Dental franchisee is the opportunity to run as many practices as you can handle, and we’re there to help every step of the way. We’ve designed our franchise system to give franchisees the feeling that they can grow comfortably within it, and feel supported the entire way. Ambitious dentists looking to operate multiple units will enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with building a business empire, see the financial benefits of having multiple revenue streams, and feel fulfilled by providing a much-needed service to several communities.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Because multi-unit owners draw their income from several markets, rather than just one, they also enjoy multiple revenue streams. Multi-unit ownership is popular because it allows franchisees to increase their profitability and deepen their investment portfolios. Once you’ve started your first FLOSS Dental franchise, you’re comfortable with our business model, and you’ve enjoyed some success, you may feel comfortable opening another. Some franchisees are content to simply operate one business, but others are eager to expand, have a hand in multiple markets across a region, and broaden their business empire.

Pooling Resources

One of the benefits of opening multiple FLOSS Dental™ franchises is that you can pool your resources. Since you’re able to consolidate and share funds, supplies, and manpower across all of your locations, you won’t be starting from scratch with each new franchise. More units don’t have to mean more hassle. Promotions, ads, and other marketing strategies can be streamlined across your different locations. Owning more than one practice will also raise your brand recognition, give you a solid foothold in several different markets, and help you distinguish yourself in the dental industry.

What It Takes to Succeed

Multi-unit owners should be prepared to deal with employees and patients across a range of locations. Staying calm under pressure, and not neglecting any staff members – even though you may feel overextended at times — is particularly important. And regardless of how many FLOSS Dental™ franchises you own, you should be eager to give back to the local community and demonstrate compassion, transparency, and understanding.

Anyone considering owning multiple practices should be comfortable with big-picture thinking, be comfortable with delegating, have solid networking skills, and have a high level of passion and patience. If you’re up to the challenge, owning multiple units is the perfect way to start your business empire.

To get started on growing your dental franchise business with multiple units, reach out to us today.