Trust In FLOSS Dental: 3 Reasons To Franchise With Us

By FLOSS franchise

The road to owning your own business used to be anxious with uncertain, as dentist entrepreneurs had to develop their ideas, raise capital, develop systems and learn how to run a business on the spot without any formal training. Nowadays, with the prevalence of franchising, owning a dental practice can come with training, support, and proven business systems that make your road to practice ownership a lot smoother.

Our franchise opportunity offers 100% ownership to dentists with an entrepreneurial spirit, which makes us an amazing company to work with. However, choosing to invest in any franchise is a decision that requires some research and preparation. Here are three great reasons why franchising with FLOSS Dental makes good business sense.

1. Put Your Love of Dentistry to Good Use

Many of our franchisees did not have experience in the business. In fact, to own a FLOSS Dental franchise, you do not need to have an MBA, degree in accounting, or management experience. Our most successful franchise owners simply have the passion for dentistry that comes with being your own practice owner.

If your skills are not in business management but instead in love for dentistry, an outgoing personality, and readiness to learn— and you are willing to work hard – you can build an amazing dental franchise. One of the best things about FLOSS is that you can use the skills you have, plus a few new ones you learn through training, to build a thriving business.

2. Provide a Service to Your Community

Practice ownership is growing every year, as Associate Dentists seek alternatives to capped income plans and limited growth potential. Practice ownership is an exciting industry because you get to provide an essential service- as Dentists you’ve earned the unique opportunity of improving the health and livelihood of your community.

When you become a FLOSS franchise, you bring dental care to the people who live, work, and play in your community. Here are just a few ways that your business will make dental care accessible to these people:

  • Provide an alternative to dated dental practices with crowed waiting rooms
  • You’ll provide quality dentistry in an upscale environment
  • Locate in easy-to-find, highly visible neighborhoods
  • Online scheduling
  • Latest Technology to give patients a better picture of the dental issues
  • Administer quality care, efficiently

Whether they need a crown or implants, patients need dental care with compassion and love. Traditional dental practices are over-crowded and over-priced, which leads many Americans to avoid getting care at all. Starting a FLOSS Dental franchise in your community helps alleviate that problem.

3. Get the Training You Need for Your Franchise Opportunity

Choosing to invest in FLOSS may seem overwhelming at first—indeed, any franchise opportunity can feel that way—but we are here to help you get your business started. We train our franchise owners extensively to ensure that they have all the tools and preparation they need to own and operate their businesses with confidence.

  • Finding the right locations—location is everything in business, and we can help you choose the location that is visible, accessible, and affordable.
  • Hiring qualified staff—dentists and nurses are the lifeblood of your franchise, and we have the experience with dental personnel that will help you find a staff that will make your business shine.
  • Operating the office—from keeping the books to updating the budget to organizing patient data, there is a lot to remember when operating your office. We have tools and systems in place to help you stay efficient.

At FLOSS, our franchise owners are our biggest asset; without you, we would not be able to reach all the communities that need quality care. When you choose to invest in a FLOSS franchise, you can do so with the confidence that you are providing a valuable service to your community, while simultaneously living out your dream of owning a business.

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