Becoming a FLOSS Dental™ franchise owner lets you tap into the ever-growing dental industry. Before you invest, take some time to learn about FLOSS and some frequently asked questions about the industry’s growth and potential.

Is the Dental Industry Expected to Grow?

The dental care industry in the United States is in a period of rapid growth. In 2020, dentistry was a $15.57 billion industry, and it will double by 2027 to a whopping 30.59 billion. The factors expected to drive the demands of the dental industry are cosmetic surgery, an aging American population, and advancement in dental procedures due to advancing technology.

What is Fueling the Dental Industry Growth?

As per a survey of 2017 by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; approximately 99.7% of Americans believe that a smile is an essential social asset, 96% of Americans believe that an attractive smile makes the opposite sex attract, and lastly, around 74% believe that the unattractive smile may hamper career growth.

What Is a Good Location for a Dental Franchise?

Numbers alone aren’t going to cut it. To determine if a location is a proper fit, it’s essential to investigate demographics. For example, if you prefer to perform more cosmetic procedures, it’s best to practice somewhere with affluent residents. Our real estate team will provide insights and experience in finding you the right location, as well as data on the area’s economic and demographic patterns. Your FLOSS Dental™ practice will have specific needs, and it’s important to locate in the right place to support them.

How Many Patients Can I Expect to Come in a Week?

In 2020 we found that our practices treated on average 25-30 patients a week, which adds up to an Average Unit Volume of 1.5 million dollars per office.

What Kind of Rules and Regulations Are There in the Industry?

The law states explicitly that only dentists may practice dentistry, not corporations. However, there is no requirement that doctors directly own dental clinics in most states, meaning that a franchisee can own a FLOSS Dental™ and employ dentists to practice dentistry. FLOSS Dental offices are bound by the same rules as any other business practicing dentistry—business license, dental license, necessary equipment registration, etc.

Now that you have learned a bit about our dental franchise offering, you can see how investing in a dental practice makes intelligent business decisions. FLOSS Dental™ is one of the premier franchises in the nation, and we have the resources and support that franchise owners need to build strong businesses. Learn about the FLOSS Dental franchise opportunity.