Franchise Support, By Design

When FLOSS was created the vision was not small. The idea was always rooted in approaching not just dental but the entire dental industry with a frontier-busting commitment and attitude. The goal was to do dental better. We knew early on that it would be important to create a team like-minded and driven to achieve the higher goals FLOSS set out to accomplish. That team continues to grow today and their mission is clear.

The team at FLOSS is dedicated to setting up every owner in the brand for success. They constantly keep their ear to the ground on what is going on in the dental industry to ensure that FLOSS is first when it comes to implementing new technologies and services for patients. Not only do they seek out these new advancements, they also create and put into place a system that allows their owners to be using them day to day sooner than their competitors.

Flossy adj.

|’ flôsë, ‘fläsē|

1. drama-free and family-minded   2. NEW and fresh   3. always having fun, whether at work or at play   4. a curious culture that leads

An Ever-growing Brand

The master plan for FLOSS includes leveraging growth along the way, and building upon that growth to create strong awareness and clout in the marketplace for our owner operators. As time goes on the FLOSS brand will be increasingly marketed nationwide, both on a corporate level and on a local level by owner operators. Brand equity and awareness will continue to grow with every investment made in the brand name across the network.

The long term vision for FLOSS includes having locations in markets all over the US. Locations are typically centered in upscale areas by design to create a high profile ‘the company we keep’ effect. The office design and brand communications are held to brand standards that ensure a quality aesthetic that the FLOSS brand has become known for. We provide owner operators with the tools and training to deliver this aesthetic in local marketing efforts.

Three Ways to Invest

An investment in the brand can come in many forms, depending on the size of the FLOSS pie you wish to own. The Individual Unit (a new office opened by an Associate Dentist moving up, or a current practice owner converting to a FLOSS), Multi-Unit (which have an Area Development Agreement for a city or cities) and Master (Franchisee for an entire state), are the three investment levels.

We remain flexible to discuss investments of any size, but Individual Unit investors will remain our priority. Given the importance of how the brand carries itself and the reputation it builds in the marketplace, we will very carefully consider brand partners who want to invest in FLOSS. Whether you want one location or a whole network, we work to create a partnership that leverages the strengths of all involved.

Never Stop Learning

Technology has increased the velocity at which we evolve. This could not be more true in the world of dentistry. Who ever thought that you would be able to print your next dental appliance for a patient from a 3D printer. The ways that we are able to provide services to dental patients is constantly evolving. We wanted to be at the forefront of providing the leading experiences available in dentistry today. Education is a big part of accomplishing this.

The team at FLOSS is always learning. Our commitment to continuing education in our field allows us to keep the sword sharp. If we don’t know what’s coming next we will surely miss the opportunity to provide it to our patients when they deserve to receive it—before they would at any other dental practice. We set up our FLOSS owner operators to be the best in the industry, and provide them with the education and training to do so.

Be Best, and Always New

FLOSS Dental set out to do everything better and to ensure that we create that experience for our patients. Nobody every wants to go to a doctor’s office, whether it be to clean their teeth or for something else, and for the experience to feel outdated. When patients go to the dentist and they feel like they just went to the most high-tech, current experience they have had in a while, this goes a long way. When it comes to their health people want to know they are getting the best.

Keeping up with all of the advances, technology and otherwise, in the dental industry is a fulltime endeavor. As soon as you have the latest service or technology available, it seems that there is something else new that comes out. Consumers today have come to expect the latest and greatest. Providing an experience like this comes at a significant cost. FLOSS has built a model that ensures all of its franchisees get the best first.


Household names are empowered to do things that other brands never dream of. FLOSS is a deliberate, strategically planned effort to provide quality dental to more people than any single entity ever has before. FLOSS is a name the world will know. No matter when you get in, the value in your investment continues to grow.