Great Minds Get More Done

Operating a single dental practice can feel a little lonely at times. Although a dentist might have peers in the industry they can compare notes with, without a system in place to do so, it is certain that many dentists are operating without access to a lot of the new ideas that exist out there. It really does not make sense to share too much with a colleague especially when it isn’t certain the knowledge will not be used to create competitive advantage.

The FLOSS franchise model was designed to allow dental operators to maintain the flexibility to refine the experience they provide so it is a perfect fit for the community they operate in. In addition, the franchisees make up a larger team whose wealth of knowledge is accessible by all. The daily discoveries that enlighten franchises as they operate every day are used to develop the programs and training that allow everyone to become better.

An Enviable Training Approach


When the company set out to grow their mission to provide an always fresh, always knew, experience for dental patients on a grand scale, they knew that equipping franchisees to deliver the vision would be critical.

Training owner operators and dentists to do dental better is all a part of achieving that overall. There has been great time, energy and money invested in every experience developed to be delivered by the network of practices that make up the brand. Without fully educating those on the front lines on how to deliver the experience intended behind a new advance or new service, that experience might not ever be delivered as intended. We are always working to ensure we are creating training programs that keep our owner operators ahead.

Achieve Advancement Sooner

In a world where people communicate in tweets and hash tags, attention spans are forever on the decline. With technology’s steady advance and its further encroachment into every aspect of our daily lives, the expectation for something to happen sooner rather than later seems to continuously grow. Keeping up with the demands consumers place on businesses to offer what’s next is a challenge in any industry. The dental industry presents even greater challenges here.

The FLOSS franchise model was conceived to give our practices competitive advantage in the marketplace. In dentistry this means supporting our franchisees so they remain the most knowledgeable in their field for the long haul. By keeping our franchisees in the know they achieve advancement in their individual practices sooner. They offer new advancements before other dentists do, and do it confidently knowing they are backed by proven methods.

Grow With Floss

Household names are empowered to do things that other brands never dream of. FLOSS is a deliberate, strategically planned effort to provide quality dental to more people than any single entity ever has before. No matter when you get in, the value in your investment continues to grow.