A Dental Experience That’s Cool… And Always Enjoyable

By FLOSS franchise

Quality, upscale dental care is often difficult to find in the United States. FLOSS creates a New Experience In Dentistry™ because we transformed the dental experience for patients. We believe that not only can dentistry be provided in an upscale environment with the latest technology, but we want our/your patients to enjoy their experience. The FLOSS brand experience includes personal comfort and unmatched professionalism in a state-of-the-art setting. It’s cool, and it will transform how your patients think about a visit to the dentist.

Franchising a FLOSS Dental provides you with a turnkey, out-of-the-box system that includes everything you need to start your practice. Indeed, this has been a thriving business model, and at FLOSS Dental, we have taken that business model and turned it into a franchise that works.

Take a look at these four steps to starting a dental franchise, and see how FLOSS can help you get started.

Step 1: Training

Training is an essential part of any career. However, when people want to start a business, they often do so without training or experience. Many of our franchise owners have no experience as business owners —they are hard-working practitioners who want to work for themselves and build a business that matters.

At FLOSS, we know that the ideal business owner may have only worked in a corporate setting, so training is an essential part of our program. Learning the skills to manage the office, find qualified staff, and understand the basics of practice ownership is vital to owning a business that works.

Step 2: Find Your Location

Your practice needs to be in a prime location that is visible and easy to find. Finding the optimal location for a franchise is one of the most important decisions you can make, so we take our time finding you the right place.

We work hand in hand with our real estate team to look for a location with regular traffic patterns, easy-to-navigate surrounding roads, and plenty of parking. Careful evaluation goes into picking a home run location to outperform the competition.

Step 3: Hire Qualified Team

Owning a dental franchise means that you cannot hire just anyone off the street to provide quality care to your patients. Finding compassionate, qualified doctors, hygienists, assistants, and office team members are essential to building a business. That’s why we help our franchisees with quality training and ongoing support to ensure that they are making intelligent hiring decisions.

Step 4: Open for Business

Providing quality upscale dental care to your community can be incredibly fulfilling. Not only will your FLOSS Dental practice provide in-networking pricing, but you’ll also almost always be faster and more affordable for the patient. Once we’ve built out, equipped, and staffed your location, it is time to open for business!

Investing in a dental franchise creates a meaningful career for several reasons. For one thing, working for yourself makes for a satisfying sense of independence that can come from nowhere else. For another, giving a high-end dental care option to your community provides a New Experience In Dentistry™ that can come from almost no other source.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this meaningful, satisfying, and exciting opportunity, get in touch with us today at 888-998-2860!